“Because we love pearls for what they represent, a gift of nature, no two alike, and perfect in their imperfection just like animals with no names. And us.”   Dr. Judith Samson French


As a little girl in Montréal, I was fascinated by my mother’s jewellery box. I loved handling each piece, delighting in the tactile sensation, and hearing where it came from. Her luscious creamy white pearl necklace just like the one Jackie Kennedy wore often was the most enthralling of all. 

A few decades later, I created pearls 365, a social impact company to provide women authentic jewellery with a story like no other.

Wear our pieces knowing you are making a difference for animals with no names. Their lives intertwined in ours, together making this world just a little bit better for us all. Wearing pearls and helping animals 365 days a year. No breaks.

With love,

Professional Bio

Judith is a certified gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America (Carlsbad, California) and Alberta College of Arts & Design. She has successfully designed and marketed jewellery in North America for over a decade.

In her spare time and as an experienced veterinary clinician and surgeon, Dr. Judith Samson-French owns and operates Banded Peak Veterinary Hospital in the heart of the Rocky Mountain Foothills.

She is team leader for Dogs With No Names project in Hudson and James Bay area ($206,000 grant from PetSmart Charities) to help deal with humane management of dogs in 6 remote communities. Dr. JSF has received the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association Humane Award in 2013.

She is also the author of the internationally recognized book “Dogs With No Names – In Pursuit of Courage, Hope and Purpose” and “39 Ways To Not Kill Your Best Friend – Tales of Caution For Dog Lovers”.